About Luqman

Luqman arrived in the UK in 2007 on a study visa. Whilst studying at the University of Sussex, he was diagnosed with hepatitis B, chronic liver condition. His liver shows fibrotic change and he suffers debilitating symptoms including fatigue, pain and nausea as a result of his condition.

To maintain his health, every six months Luqman must undergo a liver biopsy, liver function ultrasound scan, a muscle reflex test, a Hep B load test, Fibrosis score test, ALT Score test, E antigen test and liver function test. Neither treatment for the condition, nor monitoring, is available in Nigeria.

Luqman has explored all available possibilities for treatment in Nigeria to no avail. As virology specialist, Dr. C.I Anyanwu, attests:

“The level of treatment available in Nigeria is mainly for diagnosis for Hepatits B, but there is no definitive treatment available for the level of his condition he is experiencing, in Nigeria at present.

According to his medical report, he requires intensive medical monitoring, test and treatment for which if it occur to him while in Nigeria, we would have refer him to hospital abroad where the required facilities are available [sic].”

Luqman’s brothers Kolade Onikosi and Hanuna Onikosi, who were resident in Nigeria, died of complications of chronic Hepititis B on 23 October 2011 and 12 March 2012 respectively. The petition is to demand that the removal of Luqman be reconsidered, given that the consequences are likely to be fatal.

While at the university, despite his failing health, Luqman tirelessly continued to make a valuable contribution within the university and the Brighton and Hove community. This included co-founding the ‘Hear Afrika Society’, and leading several high profile campaigns on issues such as racism, the environmental crisis and the economic rights of international students. In the wider community, he was part of ‘Brighton and Hove Climate Connection’ and ‘Brighton and Hove Black History’ groups. After graduating, Luqman worked with the Nigerian High Commission in London before his ill health forced him to resign. He is now setting up his own registered company as an education consultant and overseas’ student recruitment agent.