About Us

We are a group of people who are campaigning to ensure that Luqman Onikosi is granted leave to remain in the UK on medical grounds, so that he can access the treatment he needs to stay alive.

We cannot allow our government not to grant Luqman his right to continue to live. We want to make sure that the voices of the vast amount of people who agree with us are heard.

We are a small group of Luqman’s friends from the University of Sussex, supported by Right to Remain and hundreds of other friends from university and elsewhere. We are inspired by the Campaign to Stop the Deportation of Roseline Akhalu.

We meet up once a month to plan the campaign. Get in touch if there’s anything you think we should work into our plans, or if you’d like to help!

Because over 2200 people have so far signed the petition to support Luqman’s need to stay in the UK on medical grounds, we know that there will be thousands of others who want to support Luqman, and we the Home Secretary Theresa May to be aware of this. Please spread the word with all your friends, family, colleagues, networks and people you meet on the street!