Crowdfunding Luqman’s M.A. tuition fees

Luqman has started the Global Political Economy M.A. programme at Sussex University. However, he has been denied access to the normal ways of funding postgraduate study as a result of his immigration status. We have launched this crowdfunding appeal to allow Luqman to continue to take up this opportunity.

Please give £5 a month, £10 a month or as much as you can afford. You can give a monthly or one-off donation by credit/debit card – payments are handled by PayPal. Click one of the buttons below to sign up.

£5 a month (12 months):
£10 a month (12 months):
£25 a month (12 months):
Other amount:


Luke Martell
Rachel Harger
Tom Wills

Financial Information

Funds will be handled by Tom Wills in a dedicated bank account. Statements of the account will be published here monthly. All funds raised will be paid to the University of Sussex in favour of Luqman’s tuition fee account. In the event that we exceed the amount required, any excess funds will be donated to Refugee Radio – registered charity no. 1133554.

Update 2 Apr 2015 — We have re-opened the crowdfunding appeal as we need one more push to be able to cover Luqman’s tuition fees. Please encourage your friends to sign up for a monthly donation using the Paypal buttons at the top of this page.

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