Help Luqman apply for leave to remain in the UK

Luqman has submitted a fresh application to the Home Office for leave to remain on medical grounds. This week the Home Office told Luqman they would not consider his application without a fee because they do not accept that he is destitute.

This is absurd as Luqman is currently not allowed to work and not allowed to claim welfare.

Luqman has been advised by his lawyers that he should raise the £578 fee for his application by Monday 20th January so that his application can be resubmitted.

Although it is grossly unfair that the Home Office is demanding this payment, Luqman’s lawyers have advised him to pay the fee to avoid the risk of being detained by the Home Office.

As Luqman does not have the means to pay the fee we are asking supporters of his campaign to donate towards it. We are collecting donations on Indiegogo – click here to donate.

If any funds are raised in excess of the amount needed to cover the fee and transaction charges we will donate them to Refugee Radio, registered charity no. 1133554, which is one of the organisations supporting Luqman in Brighton.

If you have any questions or wish to verify the authenticity of this campaign please feel free to email

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