Thank you

Last week, we asked for your help to raise the funds Luqman needed to submit a fresh application for leave to remain in the UK. Your response was phenomenal. We hit the £578 target in under four hours, and then you kept donating. By the end of the weekend, the fundraising appeal had raised £830. Thank you.

Your swift and generous support meant Luqman was able to submit his new application to the Home Office this week. Luqman is now safe from the immediate threat of deportation while the Home Office considers his application.

Luqman says: “A trillion massive thanks for the unflinching and emphatic support you have shown me over the weekend. I find it humbly imperative that I must express my gratitude. I will forever be grateful to everyone that I know and don’t know who had a significant role in getting me out of this troubled water.”

It may be some time until there is any response from the Home Office. We will be keeping a close eye on the situation and will update this site as soon as there is any further development.

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