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Dear MP,

RE: Luqman Onikosi, Home office reference O1103504

I am writing to you to express my concern about Mr Luqman Onikosi, a Nigerian national, who’s application to extend his stay in the UK, based on medical grounds, was refused on the 6th October 2011.

I have read about Luqman’s case, and I am dismayed that the UK Border Agency has refused his extension to stay. Luqman is suffering from chronic Hepatitis B liver condition and he is currently receiving vital life saving medical support in the UK.

Luqman came to the UK in 2007, on a student visa, he completed a BA in Economics and International Relations at the University of Sussex. During his time at Sussex he was diagnosed with hepatitis B, Chronic Liver condition in August 2009.

Despite his failing health Luqman conferred several awards during his time at the University of Sussex, including Personality of the year, Best International Student of the year, and the award for Outstanding Achievement. In Brighton his is well known among students for his work to promote human rights.

Luqman is required to attend appointments at the hospital every 6 months to monitor the development of the infection, which is currently in the last stage before cirrhosis – cancer of the liver. During these appointments blood is taken to check his viral load, he also has a liver biopsy, muscle reflex test, Hep B load test, fibrosis score test, ALT score test, E antigen test and a liver function test .

It is well known that there is no commonly available, effective, medical treatment for Hepatitis B, in Nigeria. Luqman’s doctor has stated that ‘the level of treatment in Nigeria is mainly for the diagnosis of Hepatitis B but there is no definite treatment available for the level of his condition in Nigeria at present’ .

Two of Luqman’s brothers have contracted chronic Hepititis B, both have died in Nigeria as a result. I feel that it would be barbaric to send a third member of the family to his death.

If Luqman is forced to return to Nigeria he will not receive the treatment he needs, and death is a reality. As a member of your constituency I request that you look into Luqman’s case personally and take any steps necessary to support him in his struggle for justice. In particular I request that you write to the Home Secretary to ask her to stop Luqman’s removal from the UK.

Yours sincerely,


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