Luqman has won the right to appeal against deportation

In January the Home Office rejected Luqman’s application to stay in the UK, giving him no right of appeal. This left few options.

His lawyers wrote to the Home Office setting out the arguments for why Luqman should have the chance to have his case considered by a judge.

Last Friday the Home Office replied, and although they have not changed their decision, they have given Luqman two weeks to file an appeal. This is a significant development which means Luqman can take his case to the immigration tribunal.

It has only been possible for Luqman to get to this stage thanks to your support and the hard work of his lawyers at Wilsons Solicitors.

We expect that Luqman will receive Legal Aid to cover some of the costs involved. But important parts of the case – under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights – will not qualify for Legal Aid. So we are asking for your help again.

In the current political climate of the Windrush injustices that were brought to light, our solidarity with those fighting the consequences of the hostile environment policy is vital.

Please help by donating anything you can spare towards the costs of Luqman’s legal representation:

Donate via GoFundMe

If you’re not in a position to donate, we would really appreciate it if you could share our crowdfunding campaign with your networks. The link to share is: and you can use the hashtag #LetLuqmanStay on social media.

Thank you for your support,

Vanessa Faloye, Zoe Teague & Tom Wills
Campaign to Stop the Deportation of Luqman Onikosi

P.S. The campaign urgently needs people to step forward to help organise, whether you are in Brighton or able to assist from afar. If you’re able to get involved please email

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